Ivan Rašić

LegalTrek CEO, LawWithoutWalls (LWOWX) Mentor


Ivan Rasic is the CEO of LegalTrek, the company that provides the leading Legal Billing and Legal Project Management software platform for future-orientated law firms with sophisticated clients.

Ivan’s special interests are Legal Project Management (LPM), Kanban, agile lawyering, business development, and alternative business models for law firms.

Having transitioned hundreds of lawyers into the world of modern business practices (e.g. customer discovery; LPM, to name some) Ivan and the LegalTrek team possess unique know-how that intersects law, business, technology, and agile service delivery.

Ivan Rasic holds a Law & Finance double-degree (LLM) from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Since early on, he was passionate about innovation in legal. Nowadays, Ivan also mentors aspiring lawpreneurs, in networks like Law Without Walls and Founders Institute.

Ivan believes legal industry has its new golden period right around the corner. Ping him on LinkedIn if you would like to chat.

My Sessions

Legal Services – Art that must be managed as a Business

Main Room

Successive reports over the past few years show a clear trend – Alternative Fee Arrangements are not that alternative any more. However, with nearly all law firms using AFAs every now and then, two groups started to emerge – law firms that increased their profits with AFA; and law firms that are struggling to understand […]